Planning a wedding can be a joy for some, and for others a real headache! If I were to give one piece of advice having been there myself…enjoy it! Enjoy every second of planning because in a blink of an eye its done, its dusted. You have one aim for your wedding day and that is to have the best day of your lives – share it with family, share it with friends, share it with each other.

I think the main problem with the whole ‘planning a wedding’ thing is that there is just sooooo much choice out there. You have your venue telling you to do one thing, your best friend who got married two years ago telling you another and the internet suggesting all sorts of delightful things that it’s no wonder its all quite overwhelming!

Go with your instinct, go with your gut! Don’t just do what the venue tells you, you must do or you have to do because there 101 different ways to do things. Do your research and have the things at your wedding that you desire! Why can’t you have a lady in a hoop swinging from a tree or dance under the stars until the sun comes up! Likewise, don’t just go with a registrar led ceremony just because you think that’s the only option. Have it your way!

Love C x

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