I’ve been working on a ceremony recently that may or may not include the symbolic elements of The Loving Cup or Quaich. A Scottish tradition or a mega song by The Rolling Stones – you choose!

Typically in Scottish tradition, the loving cup is a symbol of loves journey – the sweet in the wine or the whiskey (I guess if you’re taking a drink in front of a room full of people, it needs to be something you like!) represents happiness, joy, hope, peace and light; where the bitterness in the drink represents life and loves challenges; grief, despair, disappointment etc.  Typically, the loving cup is passed between chosen family members and then back to the couple with the idea that whomever shares the drink from the loving cup shares love and understanding going forwards.

This weekend just gone I had the pleasure of officiating Hayley and Neil’s Wedding Ceremony in Northumberland. An incredibly emotional ceremony and within it, we included The Loving Cup. I always love it when we add a symbolic element into a ceremony as many of the guests attending have never seen anything like it before. So whether it be a Handfasting or a Sand Ceremony, it just adds an extra dimension to an already beautiful, heartfelt occasion.

A symbolic element is always tailored to the couple – for example, you don’t necessarily have to have anyone drink from the cup, just the couple; The drink can be the tipple of your choice; The cup could be styled to your preference i.e. a wine glass engraved with your names and wedding day.

Any symbol or ritual is a lovely way to personalise your ceremony, whether it be a long time tradition or something we make up just for you. All ideas welcome as always!

Love C x

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