A question that most people have never even thought of let alone know the answer to…having a celebrant led wedding ceremony has many benefits, here are just a few:

You meet and get to know your celebrant before the actual day – hey, you even get to pick them yourself! Did you know that most couples that have their ceremony with a registrar don’t get to meet them in advance – very odd considering it’s the most important part and the whole reason for the occasion don’t you think?

As the ceremony isn’t legally binding, you can have your ceremony wherever and whenever you like – this is the bit that I find truly magical! You’re not limited to a registry office, church or licensed wedding venue when you choose to have a celebrant led wedding ceremony.

The ‘legal bit’ is done at another time of your choosing…it takes 5 minutes at your local registry office, you can do it the day before, the month before – whenever you like and you can even just go in your jeans and trainers.  The ceremony on the day, with your celebrant is the bit that is personal to you, full of your dreams, promises and wishes for each other – make it special, make it count, make it about the two of you.

Use your imagination, go wild – a wild and autumnal wedding ceremony in a forest, a stormy beachfront location or a place that is close to your heart, even your own back garden! I will happily tailor your ceremony to you and work with you to produce the most magical and memorable part of your day.

Love, C x

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