A naming ceremony is possibly one of the loveliest celebrations. Slightly different to that of a traditional Christening, a baby naming ceremony can include all sorts of different elements and be anywhere of your choosing.

There are many reasons for having a naming ceremony for your little legs. It may be that you have moved to a new area and want to introduce your child or children into the community; you may have adopted a child and would like to officially welcome them to the family; or you may find you simply don’t want to go down the traditional christening route. Whatever the reason, a naming ceremony is a lovely way of creating special memories for your family and friends.

Traditionally, Godparents are chosen at a Christening – Godparents are usually chosen by the family as individuals who are to have input in their child’s upbringing, guide, advise and to take care of the child should anything happen to their parents. In a baby naming ceremony, you could choose to have Godparents, many people choose to have mentors or supporting adults instead and many choose to nominate family members for these roles.

A naming ceremony is a lovely way of celebrating the child – poems are often read, sometimes gifts are offered and a cup of tea or a glass of something sparkly with some sort of cake (lets’ face it, what event would be complete without cake!) usually goes down a treat at the end.

You could choose to include a symbolic element into the ceremony, something like a wish tree or planting something to grow – there are a million and one ways to create your own perfect ceremony and as your celebrant, I am on hand to guide, advise and form the script for the day.  I can be contacted by email,charlottepennefather@yahoo.com should you wish to chat through ideas for either your naming ceremony, wedding ceremony or vow renewal.

Love C x

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