I can’t think of anything more romantic than an elopement. Two people, two loves, sharing their vows.

An elopement is traditionally known as ‘running away in secret to get married’. In more recent times an elopement is quite honestly, hugely romantic and incredibly beautiful. Stripping back the need for a huge wedding with an extensive guestlist can feel quite liberating to some, and to others a small, intimate ceremony is something they’ve always desired.

An elopement ceremony can take place absolutely anywhere you like. Imagine underneath a waterfall at dawn, on a secluded beach at dusk or even in one of the gorgeous venues our beautiful country has to offer. You can elope either just the two of you – or invite an exclusive small party of VIPs. With the wedding side stripped back, there is no pressure to stick to strict timings – an elopement is all about the ceremony. Just you two, your celebrant and if you choose, your photographer to capture it all. Many couples decide to book a nice restaurant or head to their local pub for a few drinks and to celebrate in style.

When choosing a celebrant led ceremony, there is always the legalities to consider – think of the legalities just like the registration; the paperwork. Just like registering the birth of a baby and then having a Naming Ceremony or a Christening or registering a death and then holding a funeral. All registry offices offer a short ceremony, which includes saying the declarations, signing the register and having it witnessed. It takes place in their offices, you don’t need to book a ceremony room or have a licensed venue for their short ceremony. This frees you up to have the unique and personal ceremony you’d love, wherever, whenever you like.

Elopements are certainly becoming more and more popular – go on, elope, make it magical!

Love C x

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