I often get asked ‘What is your most favourite thing about being a Wedding Celebrant?’- this is such a hard question…

First off, being a Wedding Celebrant puts you in the most privileged spot of the entire day…up at the front with the groom / bride, waiting for their love to arrive. Feeling the nerves, the tension, the excitement, the anticipation; being there to calm, reassure and lead. It’s magical!

Secondly – the first look – wow! It is probably one of the most emotional parts of the day – not just for them as they catch that first glimpse of each other, but for me too.

I love taking a moment after each wedding to watch the wedding guests mingling, chatting and congratulating the newly married pair. It’s a really beautiful thing, seeing all those people gather for one reason and one reason only…to share in the joy and happiness of their friends, their family. Everyone happy, joyful and all aglow.

As I reflect upon my most recent wedding, I can’t help but feel so lucky at the magic I’ve witnessed and the lovely, beautiful people I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with so far. There have been wedding ceremonies in fields, festival wedding ceremonies, blessings in grand ballrooms, wedding celebrations among the trees; and this weekend sees me heading to Windermere, where we will have the most beautiful, intimate wedding ceremony overlooking the Lake.

Love C x

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