A story to trigger forgotten memories; a tale of a journey just beginning. Something so unique and special; one that will captivate, excite and conjure magic within your guests. A celebrant led ceremony is written for you and is about you. It can happen in any place of your choosing – somewhere that evokes a special memory or somewhere you’ve recently fallen in love with – a beach, a mountain top, your own back garden. Deep, deep down in the forest among bluebells or crisp Autumn leaves. Indoors or outdoors. Early morning or under the stars. Celebrant ceremonies are uplifting, unique and utterly wonderful. Together, we create your ceremony; we entwine traditional and unique and weave your love story throughout. Your ceremony will be unlike any other, tailored to you and completely from the heart. You decide, you choose, make it all about you!

Love is…your husband, your wife, your partner.
Love is…your mum, your dad.
Love is…your children.
Love is…family, your friends.
Love is…beautiful and magical.
Love can be found in the most unlikely places.